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Whatever your needs, we're here to help

Södra Wood products and support are just a call or click away.


With stock terminals in Southern England, Eastern England, Scotland, the Republic of Ireland, and a HQ in Cirencester, Södra Wood products and support are just a call or click away

Great Britain and Ireland head office and contact details

For all enquiries (Registered Office):

Södra Wood Ltd, Unit 18/19, Cirencester Office Park, Tetbury Road, Cirencester GL7 6JJ

Phone: +44 (0)1285 646000

Fax: +44 (0)1285 646020


How to find us: Google maps

View the authorised distributor list of Södra engineered wood here.




Eastern England distribution terminal & treatment centre

Södra Wood, The Dock, New Holland, Barrow-Upon-Humber, North Lincolnshire, DN19 7RT

Nigel Buckley-Ryan, UK Sales Director, Merchants

I have been with Södra Wood Ltd for six years, having worked within the timber panels industry for over 40 years. I’ve been fortunate to build up a wealth of experience and vast knowledge of a wide variety of wood products.


As Sales Director, I look after Södra’s relationships with its merchants - which can range from multi-chain merchants and large buying groups, to smaller independent branches. I enjoy the work that we do with all of them and I’m proud to say that irrespective of size, the quality of service Södra provides remains the same.


I love the fact that the timber industry is about building long-term relationships with people – something at the very core of Södra’s approach. We don’t just sell people a one-off product and never see them again. I’ve known some of my customers for decades, for instance, which has been an absolute delight.


Södra is such a pleasure to work for. It’s a progressive, forward-thinking company, and I’ve been lucky enough to work on a huge variety of exciting projects. It also gives me a great sense of pride that Södra is so dedicated to sustainability – we’re doing great work to give more back to the environment than we take out.

Jeremy English, Great Britain and Ireland Sales Director, Manufacturing

I have been with Södra Wood Ltd for nearly three years now, having previously worked with the company as a supplier for 21 years. In total, I’ve worked in the timber industry for 38 years.

Ultimately, my responsibility is to ensure that the raw material grown by our owners delivers the very best possible return. Doing so includes building and maintaining relationships and ensuring that Södra achieves preferred supplier status with as many customers as possible. I’m also enjoying developing the market for engineered wood. I’ve no doubt that this will help generate even further value to our owners’ forests.  

As a company, we’re proud to support the UK government’s drive to develop offsite manufacturing and I look forward to continuing to support our customers in responding to this demand. Of course, this is made all the easier by our robust supply chain of truly sustainable, raw material that can, either by itself or in conjunction with other building products, respond to virtually any construction challenge.

A big part of my job, and something that I get a lot of satisfaction from, is getting out there and talking to people and trade organisations about the many benefits of using wood in construction. It’s something I’m passionate about, because we truly believe that the forest is growing the future.

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