Engineered wood products represent a bold step forward, not only in terms of ease of use, excellent performance, and cost saving characteristics, but in the environmental credentials they offer to specifiers and end users who are increasingly required to prove the eco ratings of the buildings they construct.

The performance of engineered wood products can be accurately predicted which means we can fine tune a design so that exactly the right amount of product is employed for any given situation. Södra Wood is a leading supplier of engineered wood products to Great Britain and Ireland and has a wealth of experience in the storage, handling and distribution of these high quality materials.

Features Benefits
Laminated Veneer Lumber Stable, strong and reliable engineered wood product that will not shrink, twist, cup or bow like solid timber
Adaptability Can be used in masonry or timber frame construction
Wide Range of Products Competitive and compatible solutions
High Modulus of Elasticity Allows more flexibility in design and smaller material cross sections
Tolerant of Holes and Notches Allows access for services in accordance with structurally designed holes
Technical Support Team Expert help is on hand for engineering and design queries
Quality Assured Full European Technical Approval
Forest Certification Full FSC chain of custody

Full load orders (min 45m³ mixed loads) from landed stock are available on a 48-hour Just In Time (JIT) delivery basis. Split packs and pack cuts require an additional two-day lead time. Delivery of part loads will be subject to other orders being available to fill the vehicle. All Ultralam™ products are FSC Certified.

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