Why choose Battens BS5534? 
Features Benefits
Regularised For dimensional accuracy
Excellent quality wood fibre Consistently high quality product
Kiln dried Lighter in weight, stronger in application, protects against decay
PEFCertified Ensuring products are sourced responsibly and environmentally with a robust chain of custody
Just Just In Time (JIT) pick a pack service  Maximum flexibility to help maintain optimum stock levels
Nationwide delivery service A delivery service that allows our customers to access our products nationwide
Premium yellow or blue coloured low pressure treated to BS8417 UC2 Treated to BS requirements and coloured to help identify our fully graded battens
Half Packs  Supplied in half packs for ease of storage and handling
Bundled in ten pieces within packs Ideal for pick a bundle for our customers’ customer
Packaged to length For ease of loading and storage
Mixed loads Maximum flexibility to mix and match products that suit our customers’ requirements
Our BS batten meets current NHBC requirements for fully graded battens. Its distinctive yellow or blue colour means that it is highly visible, allowing our customers to distinguish our graded batten against any other type of batten.
View this product's full datasheet here.