Why choose C24 carcassing timber?


Above all else, you need the assurance that the carcassing timber you’re using won’t let you down. The cold Swedish climate means our spruce is slow grown for over 70 years before harvesting. This slow-growth results in tighter growth-rings, giving your C24 carcassing timber superior strength, stability and durability, as well as a premium finish.


We’re committed to providing you with the peace of mind that your timber comes from well-managed forests that conform to the highest environmental standards. From seed to delivery, sustainability remains at the forefront of everything we do.

For every tree felled we plant another three, and operate in line with a tree’s own natural lifecycle. Only after around 70 years, when a tree stops taking in carbon dioxide, do we consider cutting it down and replacing it. We’re PEFC certified.


To deliver projects on time and within budget you need a good supply of quality timber, available and delivered when you need it. By implementing market-led production, we have a robust and sustainable supply model, ensuring consistency of quality and availability. You can depend on us to help you get the job done in the timeframes you require.


It’s important to know that you can deliver an attractive end-product that doesn’t compromise on strength. Compared to C16 timber, C24 carcassing timber has smaller, fewer knots and imperfections. As well as signifying greater quality and stability.

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